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Do you want to use your creativity fully without limitations when designing?

One stop service activewear and swimwear manufacturer. Are you tired of having to do everything yourself? We can help you with every stage of manufacturing from sourcing raw materials, design, prototyping and production. Do you want to use unlimited techniques in your products? We can create anything from simple solid sports bra to using various techniques on your one piece swimsuit like laser cut, silicone screen, embroidery, digital printing, or even dye your own fabric color.


I got a lot of advice from start to finish, including design details and fabrics. Jent had a good understanding of my needs and was very professional in every step of the process.

Figure of Eight


I’m so happy and thank you very much that I met you guys. They are not only a manufacturer, but the advice and guidance I got from the beginning to the end were top class. They helped me figured out what were my selling points and helped me finalized my designs. I sincerely thank you.



I got a lot of very good advice from choosing suitable materials, manufacturing techniques and even marketing. They are very comfortable to work with. I just had to tell them what I wanted and all I have to do is wait for my product to arrive. No headache. I am glad we had the chance to work together.

Equal K


Samples & Manufacture

You want to start a new collection, expand your production capacity or fed up with mediocre quality products that your current supplier is giving you. You want to create products that without limiting your imagination, then you’re at the right place. Get your activewear or swimwear samples done with us and see for yourself what we can do for you.

Personal Consultation

Do you need advice on activewear or swimwear? If you are just starting out and want to know how to start your own collection with specific advice just for you? Or you’re a brand owner that wants to find out more about special fabrics or techniques you would like to use for your collection.

Print Design

You know you want to print but don’t have the time to create your pattern? Do you have an idea in mind or completely blank? If you’re a starter, brand owner or aspiring entrepreneur. With 10 years design experience. We’ll help you come up with ideas, refine and make your print ready pattern file for your activewear or swimwear collection.

Fabrics & Hardware

Do you want to be ordinary? Of course not… Do you want to stand out? Sure. If you want to be unique, innovative and bring values to your customers, then you’ll have to make your product special. We can source any kind of fabrics or hardware to make your collection extraordinary.

Trend Reports

Knowing what you want to say is great but knowing what your customers want could be a game changer. Do you want to know what industry experts thinks will happen in the future? Find out in our trend reports.

Branding & Packaging

Does your brand reflect the values that your customers want? Your job begin way before the customer buy your product and continue long after they checked out. It’s about the whole customer’s experience. We’ll help you design your brand visual elements including logo, business cards, websites, press releases, or packaging. If you want to create a strong consistent brand identity that deliver your message, confirm credibility, emotionally connect and motivates.

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